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Plastishka is a trademark of functional and safe products for children which stand out with their eye-catching modern design. All products are ergonomic and are developed in consideration of children’s physical development.

Products presented under this trademark are manufactured from high-quality plastic and are completely safe for children. We always consider consumer reviews and suggestions during the development process and this means that Plastishka products are extremely comfortable for both children and parents.
Cheerful design, bright colors and modern decorations make Plastishka products very attractive for children. Parents, on the other hand, appreciate the durability, simplicity and overall quality of the plastic.
Plastishka products will come in handy both at home and out on a trip. Our wide assortment allows you to comfortably select the best solution to satisfy your child’s needs.

Popular products

Toy Box on wheels with a picture, 580*390*335 mm (4313809)



Toilet Trainer (4313263)


Durable and steady toilet seat is easily fixed on a toilet ring. Baby can lean against comfortable and steady, ergonomic, high back.

Kid's chair (4313601)


Kid's clothes hanger set (3 pcs) 31,5 cm (4313015)


Kids’ clothes hangers are intended to store clothes carefully and teach kids some good organizing habits. The hangers have space saving flat design to keep kids’ wardrobe organized. Special hooks...