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Products featured under the Econova trademark are practical and functional solutions for storing items and organizing space at home. Extremely durable and minimalistic in style, they will serve their purpose for an indefinite period of time. They are an optimal choice for keeping the home clean and tidy.

The assortment of the trademark features multifunctional boxes for storage, baskets, organizers and other products.
All products are manufactured from durable and safe materials with high consumer qualities. A flexible temperature resistance range and moisture resistance allows Econova products to be used in both standard and wet climates such as the bathroom, kitchen, basement or garage.
These products are designed to suit almost every interior.

Popular products

Universal box decorated 335*240*155 mm (4312880)


This multi-purpose box is an ideal solution for storing books, souvenirs, craft and garden supplies etc. The lid is securely fastened by side locks. Compact space-saving design. Boxes stack securely...

"Crystal" Storage Box 18L (4312493)


Multi-purpose “Chrystal” boxes will help to organize and save home space. You can store bed linen, clothes, shoes, toys and daily small things in these boxes. Boxes can be stacked and easily...

Multi Baskets Set, 3 Pc (4313939)


A strong and comfortable basket is designed for storing toys, erector sets, various items for creativity. Thanks to the original design, the baskets can be stacked on top of each other, and a special...

Storage Box "Rotang" with lid 555*390*290 mm (4312812)


Universal boxes "Rotang" will help to make the most efficient use of space, will save a room in the house and will help keeping an ideal order. Transparent walls allows easily seeing the...