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A new line of products styled after the Angry Birds full-length animated movie.

Angry Birds

Today it is almost impossible to find someone who hasn't heard of Angry Birds. Millions of downloads from app stores all over the world, a game that runs on all mobile platforms and has massive fan support: it is the kind of success that any game developer can dream of! Almost 9 years have passed, and the game is still extremely popular with both adults and kids.

The new line of Angry Birds Movie merchandise is a joint project that we created together with Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
It consists of diverse products for kids featuring characters from the Angry Birds Movie: storage units, sandwich containers, toy boxes and organizer cases.

Popular products

Angry Birds Movie Universal Box Decorated, 335x240x155 mm (431264807)


This bright and spacious storage box will find its place in a child's room. Bright pictures are placed securely onto 4 sides and the lid: they don’t damage or come off during use. The lid is...

Angry Birds Movie Lunch Box Decorated (431264718)


This sandwich shaped lunch box has rounded edges that do no rip backpacks, plastic bags, purses. Perfect for transporting sandwiches or small snacks. Efficient easy opening lock ensures that the lunch...

Angry Birds Movie Kid's 4 Drawer Unit on wheels with a picture (431313106)


This functional chest of drawers on wheels with 4 removable drawers is ideal for storing clothes, toys, books, arts and crafts supplies and more. Colorful design with favorite characters and elegant...

Angry Birds Movie Universal Storage Box, 5l, 330x190x120 mm (431312802)


The problem of maintaining order in the nursery is solved – this universal storage box can store small toys, shoes, artistic materials and other children’s items. The lid is securely fixed with...